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. brian mooar has that story for us. >> the next president of the united states, governor mitt romney. >> reporter: in his commencement speech at the largest christian university, romney underscored his stance against gay marriage. >> marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: that line was a guaranteed crowd pleaser at liberty university founded by jerry fallwell and is located in the battleground state of virginia. the presumtive nominee's appearance is an important step in winning over the ultraconservatives who shunned him during the primary. >> we are electing a president, not a pastor. i think if you compare him to obama, yeah. i think by all means we'll side with him. >> reporter: president obama made history by publicly supporting gay marriage and was honoring the nation's top cops. >> the people alive today only because of their courage. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama was at north carolina university talking civil rights and inviting comparisons to gay marriage. >> we we all know there are plenty of serious injustice
. >>> china and the united states have made a deal. chinese activist chen guangcheng will be allowed to apply to study for an american fellowship reportedly at nyu's law school. chen originally wanted to stay in china after escaping house arrest last week and fleeing to the u.s. embassy in beijing but he changed his mind after concerns for the safety of his family. u.s. embassy officials and an american doctor visited chen today at a bay jang hospital. he suffered three broken bones in his foot during his escape. >>> still ahead at 6:00, a remarkable story of technology and courage. how local researchers are helping amputees reach new heights. >>> and he helped put hip-hop on the map. the music world mourns the loss of a legend tonight. >>> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. it's all about the livermore wine country festival. we'll tell you how you can enter to win a trip to hawaii at the nbc bay area pavilion and your seven-day forecast. aloha!pe >>> they start ed out as a pupg rock band but became famous as rappers and shook up the music world. one of the members of the beasty boys died. a
at pictures of when they arrived back in the united states. >>> we want to check in with rob mayeda. we are looking at a spectacular forecast if you like sunshine and mild temperatures. >> it's going to feel hot in a few spots tomorrow. temperatures climbing well into the mid-80s inland along with breezy conditions. cooling down tonight. san francisco 63. you are seeing numbers upper 70s in santa rosa and santa cruz. breezy conditions tonight. the winds up to 30 miles per hour. gusty at times. if the dry and breezy conditions, a lot of orange here showing up on the allergy forecast. triple threat of pine, oak and cedar. couple it with grass and mold in the moderate range. so, tough conditions if you havaler allergies this weekend. south of tahoe, late in the day, thunder showers popping up. we should see temperatures climbing up here as we finish the weekend. the ridge of high pressure is going to build back in california during the day tomorrow. from wine country to the delta, trivalley locations and santa clara, the numbers soaring in the low to mid-80s tomorrow. watch for the breezy
in the united states in the last four decades. >> the hottest weight loss could come from an ingredient in hot sau sauce. doctors in brigham and women's applied cloth soaked with capcasin. it gives peppers heat. it sends signals to the brain to melt away bad fat that's located in the abdomen and around the organs and the liver. if the procedure works in humans it could be a less invasive treatment than surgery. >>> our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is here. we're counting down to the giants game at 7:00. we have two forecasts, bay area and dodger stadium. >> you threw a curveball at me. it's looking good down there. a little bit of onshore flow, some haze here across the bay area. we'll talk more about some weekend heating and how hot it's going to get in a few minutes. >>> and i'm scott reis in the comcast sports net newsroom. a giants coach receives his country's highest honor. details on the way. plus, a 6-year-old does something that only a handful of big leaguers have ever done, video that's educational and adorable in sports. ond ♪ i'm sticky and uncomfortable. try gold bond powder.
of syria. syria continues to blame others for the massacre. back here in the united states, tropical storm beryl has shut down beaches across southern atlantic coast. the national hurricane center now says beryl is near hurricane strength. the tropical storm warnings are in effect along the georgia coastline as well as parts of florida and south carolina. beryl is expected to move ashore later this evening, bringing heavy rainfall and winds along with it. >>> and still ahead at 6:00, a unique thank you for veterans of the bay area hospital. plus, our coverage of the golden gate bridge's 75th anniversary continues. rob mayeda is live at the bridge with your fireworks forecast and memorial day forecast as well. >>> plus -- >> the view of the bridge is spectacular. coming up, we'll hear how some folks feel about the bridge and when they were here 25 years ago. >>> returning now to the coverage of the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge, a live look at the bridge and just another gorgeous day. it's sunny and windy out there, but look at that. no fog as of right now. the durational gift
the president of the united states here in redwood city. jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. so from moffett field to atherton and then redwood city, president obama scheduled to arrive around 6:10. delayed just a bit coming in from denver. the new estimate is around 6:30. we will cover it live from mountain view. it's the end of one chapter and the beginning of another for san francisco's legendary gold dust lounge. the owners of the bar announced today, well, they're closing their longtime union square location after tonight's last call. the bar has been you cunsuccess fighting the owner. they say they'll reopen at a location at fisherman's wharf. it's sad to see the beloved old-time joint closed down. >> if they relocate, that would be nice but it won't be the same. it won't be union square. we won't have this wonderful decore that's been here for years and years and years. >> the owners say they plan to re-create that dark goldin tear yor and fixtures in the new place. they hope to reopen in three or four months. a supervisor's joke is proving the internet may be more fourful tha
coming to the united states. we're relying on overseas technology to pick this up and this would be an extremely difficult device to pick up. >> for the full interview tune in with brent cannon. yemen is now becoming a hotbed of activity for the al qaeda network. all the recent bombs planned for the u.s. have originated in that country. today we learned the pentagon is, again, beefing up its military training in yemen to try and stop the terror network. moving on to syria now where the country is on the brink of a civil war. today u.n. international envoy kofi annan says they must stay committed. fighting between al asad's regime and rebels has decreased in some areas but in other parts it's out of control. he hopes to have 300 united nations ceasefire observers in the country by the end of this month. he says it may be the last chance to stabilize the country. >> i'm not telling you any secret when i tell you that there is the profound concern that the country could otherwise descend into full civil war and the implications of that are quite frighten iing. >> the u.n. says more
's a trillion dollars in student debt in the united states. it's bigger than the mortgage problem right now. the last thing we should do is to make it more difficult for struggling students and their families to pursue higher education. >> now, if student loan rates do double, only future loans would be affected. >>> well, if you've spent any time in a public school recently, you know finding a weekly art class is like finding a picasso. it is not likely. but a new statewide campaign is trying to change that. create california is an effort by business an education leaders to restore art in public schools. organizers of the campaign want to measure a school's performance in art education like we measure reading and math. that's our topic this weekend on my talk show about education class action. >> we do need to be assessing students in their performance on the arts, and we need to be assessing schools' success with students' performance on the arts. >> and that might change the dynamic of how much emphasis and how many resources are put into art, right? >> yes. we value what we measure. >>
,000 visitors a year. the museum is the only one of its kind in the united states. castro is the daughter of cuba's current leader, raul castro, and an activist for gay rights. after visiting the museum, she chaired a panel on sexual diversity and politics at the latin american studies association. she did not take any questions from reporters. >> an insanity defense, the attorney for the man who confessed to killing a young boy some 30 years old now says he's mentally ill. >> janelle wang is with us for our national and international headlines. >>> raj and jessica, pedro hernandez was arraigned on second-degree murder charges. he was arraigned via video just a few hours ago from his new york city hospital room because he's currently on suicide watch. in the video hernandez's attorney says his client suffers from schizophrenia and hallucinations. the judge has now ordered a mental evaluation. earlier this week hernandez confessed to killing 6-year-old etan patz in manhattan exactly 33 years ago today. he said he lured patz with a soda as the boy was walking to school in 1979 and then kill
they are suing the state. >>> also, a landmark law aimed at saving the environment, but does it really only help big bigges? our investigative units find out. >> reporter: the new bill making sure pets and their owners are free to live wherever they want. >> and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri where we're gearing up for the annual maker fair where innovation is king. check out these guys down here. yes, these are robots that actually know the weather. they are trying to take my job. we'll tell you all about innovation, imagination and where the best spot is to create this weekend in just a few minutes. >>> the number of seniors living in the south bay continues to increase and some say services for them is decreasing. a new report by the group called pact says one in four seniors in santa clara county has trouble paying for food, medicine and other basic needs, but now the seniors are fighting back. here's nbc bay area's damien trujillo. >> reporter: they come here to the san jose senior center for the laughs and for the friends they may over the years. >> because i love, it and it's like my seco
. >>> also, the cutting and replanting california trees for a profit. our investigative unit looks into how new rules could help lumber companies gain even bigger profits. >>> plus, where's mark? how the facebook ceo managed to make a bizarre cameo on chinese state tv. >>> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we heard about the official start of fire season winds anywhere from 15 to 25 miles an hour today lowering those humidities and as we head throughout tuesday a warming foreca forecast. we'll let you know how hot it will get. >>> a stunning survival tale. a wife and daughter and a cell phone. their small plane slammed into the side after snow covered mountain and they all lived. >> reporter: it was fire chief ryan brown and his family will never forget. this is what's left of brown's cessna after it crashed in an idaho forest saturday. >> i think what caused the plane to go down i'm pretty sure i experienced some icing on the wings. the plane stalled and crashed. >> reporter: from his hospital bed in boise, brown called kcr3 and told us what happened o
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11